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London band Grass House return with 'Tumble In The Wind'


London quartet Grass House have returned to the fold with their new single ‘Tumble In The Wind’.

The band, silent since their last single release of ‘Unknown In The Scene’ two years ago, have delayed the release of the eagerly anticipated second album as members ventured into successful side projects; frontman Liam Palmer working on his venture with HD Hauseman and lead guitarist Steven Dove away recording material with Psychic Markers. 

Now, the band – propped up with Adam Robson on bass and Ross Hall on the drums – return to their ethereal, subtle and plethoric best with their latest track ‘Tumble In The Wind’ which marks the beginning of a journey that will wind around the autumnal streets of London via their Yorkshire roots in a ghostly and enchanting take on nature and their surroundings.

It’s been a long time since the release of their debut album A Sun Full And Drowning, an album the band described as ‘outsider pop’, a sound mounted on deep-seeded musical aggression and a lyrics that were depicted with a snarl and a sense of disarray at the bleak viewpoint of the world as seen by Grass House. With ‘Tumble In The Wind’ however, our first taste of a new direction from the band, there’s a subtle delicacy in their approach, a mellowing and deeper understanding of their creative and artistic direction.

The journey to reach this point has been a long and somewhat arduous one for Grass House and that ache can be felt in Palmer’s tormented and prudent vocals matching up in harmony to the wailing lead guitar and attenuated yet assertive drums.

One thing is for sure, it’s good to have them back.

Track of the Day, ‘Tumble In The Wind’