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Take a trip with Psychic Markers and their brand new single 'Dreaming'


London band Psychic Markers have returned with brand new single ‘Dreaming’ taken from their forthcoming new album.

Those familiar with the band will know it’s pieced together with an amalgamation of musicians taken from other well known groups with a splash of My Sad Captains, a sprinkle of Great Ytene and a dosage of Grass House. Psychic Markers are determined to take you down an arcane rabbit hole with as much weird and wonderful sounds as they can produce, slipping you through a tunnel of obscure imagination before spitting you back out at the other end with a charming ‘doo-wop’ as heard on the new track.

“‘Dreaming’ is about life’s tos and fros, depicted through a cosmic lens,” the band said. “If you stare at yourself in the mirror too long you will ultimately end up at the same question… what am I doing? Sometimes it feels like your best bet is to down tools and sail off into oblivion, or perhaps just settle down on the moon.”

Far Out’s Track of the Day, Dreaming:

End of the Road Festival – 2nd September
Oslo, London w/ Ulrika Spacek – 12th October