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hd hausmann shares new video for ‘Old Satellites’ directed by Nicholas Jones


hd hausmann shares new single 'old satellites' alongside news of impending debut album

hd hausmann, the moniker of a band speaking through the initials of ‘LP’ has swirled into our ears shrouded in mystery upon the news of his debut record, ‘wring the moisture from the surf’, will be released via Marshall Teller Records in November.

In truth, little is known of hd hausman. The sound holds within in itself a certain inscrutability, abstruseness and perplexity as we continue to try to decipher wether hd hausman is even a band or a solo project.

We’re told, via the press release, that the name itself is an amalgamation of different influences working in different disciplines such as A.E Housman, E.E. Cummings and S.E. Hinton as well as the architecture of Georges-Eugène Haussmann who gives his name to the boulevard where Marcel Proust wrote most of In Search of Lost Time.

“I liked the idea of a band going under a moniker that could umbrella them as a single individual”, says LP, the primary songwriter behind the project. “I wanted to create ambiguity and a certain amount of anonymity”.

“I got into this project via the route of soundscape and noise music. I’d been making some very basic noise tracks under the moniker of ayppl”, LP says, “and I wanted to try to bridge the gap between the drawn out soundscapes and more traditional song.”

The album, released on an ultra limited edition run of just 20 vinyl, will come in hand painted sleeves, with each one being unique.

For now, taken from the album, Far Out’s Track of the Day, ‘old satellites’ by hd hausmann: