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(Credit: Michael Spencer Jones)


Liam and Noel Gallagher switch places on Top of the Pops and perform 'Roll With It' in 1995


They say a way to understand a man is by standing in his place. Well, if that’s true, how come Liam and Noel Gallagher are still at each other’s throats? Below we look back at a moment from Oasis’ ’90s heyday as they perform an unusual take of their 1995 romper stomper, ‘Roll With It’.

Top of the Pops in 1995 was still a television behemoth, still able to draw in big audiences across the nation, and still filled with the brightest rock stars Britain had to offer, in this case, it was Oasis but not as you know them.

The iconic chart show was still pulling in big viewing figures in 1995 and it meant that the show was an ideal to place to share your new track—even before it saw its way on to the charts. This is exactly what Oasis did when they performed ‘Roll With It’ just three days after it’s release on August 17th, 1995.

The band were quickly becoming the Britpop royalty they are to this day and, buoyed by the success of their seminal record Definitely Maybe, the band released the second single from (What’s The Story) Morning Glory in the knowledge it was likely destined for somewhere close to the top of the charts as well as being the starting pistol for ‘The Battle of Britpop’—but that’s a story for another day.

In the meantime, the song’s chartered success meant that when Liam and Noel Gallagher arrived at the Top of the Pops studios, they were full of cheeky charm and characteristically set about messing with the show and its producers. Producers who had for years been committing one catastrophic error—asking great musicians to give a mimed performance of their song.

It’s a baffling idea to welcome the world’s best musicians to perform in a way that most could do with their bath towel still around them. Nevertheless, it was the practice of the time and the Gallaghers were expected to mime the performance for the cameras.

Perhaps it was the introduction from the soon-to-be long-time rival of Liam Gallagher, Take That’s Robbie Williams, or perhaps the band were just in a silly mood but when the cameras turned away from Williams, panning towards the Mancunian legends, Oasis were all jumbled up.

As Nirvana had done in 1991, Oasis mocked the show and gave a ludicrous performance of the song as Liam took over Noel’s guitar and Noel similarly swapped places, donning his best tambourine and bent knee bounce, to recreate his younger brother’s swagger.

In a recent exchange, Liam Gallagher claimed he was the man behind the idea but we’re quite sure Noel would disagree because after all, that’s what they do. However it came to be, the video below makes for a brilliant watch and shows that the brothers did play nicely together. Every so often.