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(Credit: Guy Kremer / YouTube)


Watch a pre-fame Oasis rehearsing 'All Around the World' back in 1992

As rumours of a possible Oasis reunion continue to be churned through social media only to be knocked back by one Gallagher brother or another, we thought we’d take a look back at the Mancunian legends earliest moments.

In the video below we see a fresh-faced Noel and Liam Gallagher performing one of the band’s earliest numbers ‘All Around The World’ in 1992 before fame and stardom coloured their vision.

Prior to becoming arguably one of the greatest bands that Britain has ever produced and the subsequent split, the four youngsters of Oasis were just ordinary lads going out on the streets of Manchester. Fronted by feuding brothers Liam and Noel, the group soon became a bastion of the working-classes during the nineties.

It’s fair to say that one of the key reasons why they appealed to the masses was how equally ordinary and out-of-this-world the band seemed. They were just some blokes you’d see down the pub, they were authentic, they spoke like you and me, and yet they had something unattainable—they had star power. Two years on from this video, Oasis became the lads from down the local who just so happened to be taking Glastonbury by storm.

Back in 1992, the band were curating their sound and honing their performance. They were building to be stadium fillers and needed a fierce back catalogue aside from the hits to rely upon. In this footage we see that development in action as the group perform the original deep cut, ‘All Around the World’.

The track wasn’t seen on an album until their third record, Be Here Now, in 1997. In the clip we see the band practising the song at the Boardwalk in Manchester. It allows us a behind-the-scenes look at a pre-fame Oasis as they run through their preparations for stardom.

Even in their practice rooms, Liam looks like he is playing to the masses, the microphone is faced down and with nostrils flared and jaw tightened, the singer looks ready for what’s to come. All the tabloids, the fights, the scandals and the missed gigs. All of it up ahead.

It’s nice to get a look at the band at their very earliest beginnings. To see the passion they both shared for making music, more importantly, for making music with each other.

Sit back and enjoy a great insight into British pop culture history.