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(Credit: Noel Gallagher)


Noel Gallagher responds to Liam Gallagher's latest Oasis reunion rumours


Noel Gallagher doesn’t mince his words and he equally never misses a chance to make his younger brother, and former Oasis bandmate, Liam, look a tit.

Yesterday saw Noel Gallagher do both in one fail swoop as he responded to the latest rumours that he and Liam had been offered £100 million to reunite the legendary Mancunian band.

After Liam Gallagher used his Twitter account to share the news: “Wahey we’re getting back together Noel Gallagher being minted and rich as f*** he’s doing it for nothing me being a desperate c*** and have f*** all else going for himself I’m doing it for the cash c’mon you know.”

The singer then added, crushing countless dreams in the process, “We’ve been offered 100 million pounds for a tour still not enough for the greedy soul oh well stay young LG”.

Noel Gallagher has now had to reply to the rumours and has done so with not only a succinct and firm “No” but also a swipe at his younger brother.

“To whoever might be arsed: I am not aware of any offer from anybody for any amount of money to reform the legendary Mancunian Rock’n’Roll group Oasis,” he wrote.

“I am fully aware though that someone has a single to promote so that’s maybe where the confusion lies.”

Though not many people had truly expected the announcement of a potential Oasis reunion to surface out of LG’s Twitter account, it is yet another crushing blow in the hopes of a return to the stage for the Kings of Britpop.