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(Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Liam Gallagher offers update on new album and Oasis reunion with "hipster" Noel


Liam Gallagher has used a Twitter Q&A to shed light on his upcoming follow-up to solo LP Wall of Glass, as well as branding his brother and former Oasis bandmate a “hipster” and Blur leading man Damon Albarn a “tosser”. All in a day’s work for LG.

Using the social media platform to get this point across has never been too difficult for Liam Gallagher who often uses Twitter as his own speakers’ corner. He did so again yesterday as he answered questions on everything from the new album to Oasis. When asked about new music LG eventually replied: “We finish recording on the 2nd of April now go spread the butter,”.

As former fans of Oasis continue to angle for an unholy reunion of the Brothers Gallagher, LG offered very little but dismay to all those hoping for a reconciliation: “No I’ve heard [Noel’s] getting worse [apparently] he’s a HIPSTER.” He then described Noel as “the gift that keeps on giving”, adding: “wtfs that all about on soccer am as you were LG x.”

As a parting gift he was asked for some special words for Blur lead singer and former Oasis rival Damon Albarn whose birthday it was – “Tosser” said Liam, and all is at equilibrium.