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(Credit: Raph PH)

Liam Gallagher responds to Noel calling him a "moron" with a savage comeback


In a recent interview with The Big Issue, Noel Gallagher claimed that every tweet from Liam Gallagher was “a nail in the coffin” of any Oasis reunion and branded Liam a “moron”. Liam Gallagher has now responded…. through Twitter.

The pair have almost continuously traded barbs across interviews and social media since they split. With Liam never quiet about his views on his brother, the spat continues across the magazine’s pages. Noel said, “It’s strange behaviour for someone who is gagging for me to pick up the phone and say let’s do it.”

He vowed to not share the stage with his brother again, saying, “He’d put his whole life on hold to get Oasis back together. But every tweet he sends out, it’s another nail in the coffin of that idea.”

About his brother, Noel said, “If you think for one minute I am going to share a stage with you after what you’ve said you are fucking more of a moron than you look.”

Following its widespread press today, that comment has prompted a few tweets from LG already as the Why Me? Why Not? singer takes to his favourite social media platform to vent.

After tweeting ‘TWITTER RULES’ Liam then turned his attention to Noel and responded to his big brother calling him a “moron” in the interview. He tweeted, “Moron = The person who wishes aids on other people Moron = The person who says Scotland is a 3rd world country” He concluded “Moron = The little 1 in Oasis with the big head and naff dress sense as you were LG x”

Anyone who put a fiver on Oasis reuniting at Glastonbury 2020 may want to rip up that slip.