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Liam Gallagher can't speak any language in this supercut


If you, like me, grew up in a part of America that didn’t have any kind of distinct dialect or accent to their way of speaking, you might have a hard time understanding Liam Gallagher. The son of an Irish immigrant who grew up in the Burnage section of Machester, both Liam and his brother Noel have a particularly heavy Mancunian accent, which often makes interviews a minefield of semi-comprehensible gibberish.

Every sentence comes complete with strange turns of phrases and punctuations with the terms “innit” or “D’you know what I mean?” Sometimes mumbled and sometimes shouted, the Gallaghers always had a unique approach to the English language. But it was still the English language – you’d probably be likelier to see an Oasis reunion than to see Liam speaking Spanish.

Rather than hide from those limitations while embarking on his As You Were tour back in 2017, Gallagher decided to turn it into a joke by substituting a few lyrics from ‘Wonderwall’ and replacing it with his claim of language-based ignorance. Whenever the line “There are many things that I would like to say to you but I don’t know how” would come up, Gallagher would replace the “I don’t know how” section with “I don’t speak (insert language here)”. 

While this could have been a momentary laugh when Gallagher found himself in foreign territories, Gallagher decided to extend the joke and turn it into a running gag by saying the substitute line at nearly every foreign tour stop of the show. It makes sense when Gallagher finds himself, say, in China, but a little less so when he could simply learn a few words in Spanish. 

Gallagher even goes full-on surreal when he visited Yorkshire by claiming that he didn’t know how to speak “Yorkshire-ish”. Yorkshire does have its own distinct dialect, but Gallagher seemed to simply be extending his long-running gag by bringing it all back home to his native English language. In order, the supercut shows Gallagher claiming not to know how to speak Chinese, Japanese, Korean, “Yorkshire-ish”, and Spanish.

Check out the highlights of Gallagher not knowing how to speak any language during ‘Wonderwall’ down below.