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(Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Liam Gallagher calls out Noel in the trailer for documentary 'As It Was'


Liam Gallagher has revealed the full-length trailer for his upcoming documentary ‘As It Was’ and in it, unsurprisingly, he takes aim at older brother Noel. The full-length trailer begins with the demise of Oasis amid in-band feuding and sees Liam “lost”.

The finger is then squarely pointed at big brother, and Oasis guitarist and primary songwriter Noel Gallagher with Liam saying “the geezer split my band up”. The voiceover continues to spout moments of gold from Liam while the video reminds us of a simpler time.

Gallagher states “The only way out of this mess is music,” as he began the recording sessions for his hugely successful solo record As You Were. The worries surrounding LG’s first foray into solo work is spoken of in the trailer saying LG “was a bit apprehensive about how [going solo] was gonna go.”

Then comes the LG solo highlight reel as he bags a number 1 album, wins the Godlike Genius award at the NME ceremony, gave Glastonbury festival a gig they’d never forget, and starring at Manchester’s One Love concert. “When I’m singing songs close-up to that mic, nothing could touch it,” says Liam.

Liam Gallagher offers update on new album and Oasis reunion with “hipster” Noel

A more touching moment in the otherwise testosterone-filled trailer sees the brother’s mother and her hopes for the future. “[It’s] a new year and they’re all going to get on together,” she says, before Liam then points at a photo of Noel and says “fucking Prince Philip”.

Watch the full trailer for ‘As It Was’ below