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Let's Eat Grandma drop new single 'Happy New Year'

Let's Eat Grandma - 'Happy New Year'

English indie-pop duo Let’s Eat Grandma have rung in 2022 with an appropriately festive new single, ‘Happy New Year’.

The single is a gigantic synth-heavy tour de force featuring some of the catchiest and most pop-centric melodies that the duo have ever landed on. Helmed by co-leader Rosa Walton, the track is an explosively joyous celebration of friendship and new beginnings, which makes it the perfect accompaniment to the fresh start that comes with the new year (here’s hoping it ages well in 2022).

“I wrote ‘Happy New Year’ after a breakdown between us that lasted for a long period of time, to communicate to her how important she is to me and how our bond and care for each other goes much deeper than this difficult time,” Walton explains. “I used the setting of New Year as both an opportunity for reflection, looking back nostalgically through childhood memories that we shared, and to represent the beginning of a fresh chapter for us.”

“I’d been struggling to come to terms with the fact that our relationship had changed, but as the song and time progresses I come to accept that it couldn’t stay the way it was when we were kids forever, and start to view it as a positive thing — because now we have been able to grow into our own individual selves.”

This will probably be a well-echoed opinion, but ‘Happy New Year’ sounds a lot like Chvrches. Almost exactly like Chvrches. It’s to the extent that Walton even sounds like she’s affecting a Scottish accent like the one Lauren Mayberry has. They say imitation is the highest form of flattery, and pop music has never been above some shameless rip-offs, so I have no problem with this. Besides, this is more like Every Open Eye-era Chrvches instead of the darker, more horror-focused synth-pop shenanigans that the band are currently making. There truly is room at the electro-pop table for everyone.

Despite the group’s upcoming album Two Ribbons being indicative of a more individualistic mindset, with performance and songwriting credits being divided between the two members for the first time, ‘Happy New Year’ is a clear sign that the duo’s partnership is as strong as it’s ever been. Sometimes a little bit of tennis is all you need to right the ship, at least according to the song’s video.

Check out the video for ‘Happy New Year’ down below. Two Ribbons is set for an April 8th release.