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Let's Eat Grandma announces new album 'Two Ribbons'


English indie rockers Let’s Eat Grandma have solidified their return with the announcement of their third studio album, Two Ribbons.

The new record will come after a four-year gap between LPs, with the band’s last effort being 2018’s I’m All Ears. The duo of Rosa Walton and
Jenny Hollingworth officially returned a new single, ‘Hall of Mirrors’, earlier this year.

Interestingly, the album is being promoted as featuring an internal division: while previous releases had the duo share writing and performing credits, Two Ribbons will be the first release to feature separate credits for the two band members. There will be Walton songs and Hollingworth songs, and today we’ve gotten a Hollingworth song with the release of the album’s title track.

“’Two Ribbons’ is a song I wrote to, and about, two of the closest people in my life, and how my relationships with them shifted over time through loss and life changes,” Hollingworth explains in a press release. “It touches on the isolating experience of grieving, our powerlessness in the face of death, and the visceral emotions of grief.”

Death was one of the major factors that put Let’s Eat Grandma’s rapid rise on hold. Hollingworth’s partner, Billy Clayton, died in 2019, leading the band to cancel their planned concerts and appearances. They largely entered an extended hiatus afterwards, with the only major release from either coming by way of Walton’s solo single ‘I Really Want to Stay at Your House’ from the Cyberpunk 2077 soundtrack.

‘Two Ribbons’ is indeed a haunting track, discarding most of the more vibrant sounds from the band’s past work to create a dark and mournful atmosphere. When the lines “The truth will haunt you but set you free” crop up, a song full of longing and uncertainty suddenly takes on an intimacy that strikes quite the emotional nerve. It’s quite a down way to announce a return, but there’s a raw beauty to the pain confronted within the song’s lyrics that makes Two Ribbons seem like it’s going to be quite a monumental rebirth for the band.

Check out the video for ‘Two Ribbons’ down below. Two Ribbons the album is set for an April 8 release.