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Leon Bridges - Smooth Sailing

Ahead of his Glastonbury slot which we think is entirely un-missable one of the most timeless and classiest acts to arise this year (we did highlight him last year but we will forgive you that), Leon Bridges is destined for all-time greatness and Grammys galore but for now he can settle for Track of the Day with latest release ‘Smooth Sailing’.

The latest track to come from the amazing album Coming Home Bridges’ ‘Smooth Sailing’ does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s as smooth as butter on the back of a baby’s bum on a slip ‘n’ slide – and that’s pretty smooth.

This track departs from Bridges’ previous more soulful efforts and adds a little jump to the rhythm to bring a sound which can melt the fears of everyone who hears it. From gangsters to youngsters and OAPs to straight OGs everybody likes this guy and ‘Smooth Sailing’ proves why.

As Bridges embodies the swagger of Sam Cooke the extra suaveness and shoe shuffling of this song resonates like Nick Waterhouse with touches of carefully placed horns and the sting of strings in the smokey evening.

Bridges brings every foot tapping along the motorway to hear his sound, make sure you don’t miss him this weekend because this is a guy who is here for the long haul.