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Leon Bridges - Coming Home


Sometimes a song comes around that can not only change your mood or your day but can shake up your whole idea of modern music. As so many bands turn to electronica to feel ‘creative’ Leon Bridges and his incredible new single ‘Coming Home’ proves that the old way is still the best way. It’s our Track of the Day.

It’s retro sound is instantly recognisable as Bridges deliberately directs us to a by-gone era with gentle yet throbbing guitar blending a background for his smooth-as-silk vocals to really shine through.

And shine they do. Bridges voice melts a millions tones in to one all encompassing sound which could backlight your romantic evenings for the next 50 years. His timeless sound is perfectly coupled by the simplistically soulful lyrics and cultured delivery.

Produced by White Denim, Birdges is demonstrating his enormous potential with this debut and with ‘Better Man’, his other release on soundcloud, also shaping up to be a classic, Bridges is a man with a clear trajectory ahead. That is: straight up and fucking up.

Jack Whatley