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(Credit: Harmony Gerber)


Lana Del Rey announces new album ‘Blue Banisters’


Lana Del Rey has announced her new album, Blue Banisters, which is arriving this summer.

Del Rey shared her seventh-studio album, Chemtrails Over The Country Club, just last month. A few days after the release of the record, Del Rey took to social media to announce that a new album called Rock Candy Sweet would arrive on June 1st, which now doesn’t look likely following her latest revelation.

The singer has form for announcing albums quick off the bat, and she revealed her plans to share Chemtrails Over The Country Club long before the album came to fruition.

Earlier this month on Instagram, Del Rey shared a photo of herself along with the caption ‘Blue Banisters’. This update unsurprisingly got tails wagging, and her fans assumed that it would be the lead single from Rock Candy Sweet, with nobody expecting it to be the title of her forthcoming album.

Whether Del Rey will release Blue Banisters on July 4th as intended remains unknown, but that’s the story she is sticking to. Maybe Del Rey doesn’t even know what this means for Rock Candy Sweet, but it does look like another album from the singer arrives at some point in 2021.

Chemtrails Over The Country Club marked Del Rey’s fifth-number one album in the UK. The record provides everything you’ve come to expect from one of Del Rey’s trademark efforts.