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(Credit: Markus Spiske)


From Bob Dylan to Lana Del Rey: The Far Out Weekly Playlist

The weekly playlist, a new feature on Far Out, wraps up the previous seven days across the website and brings them all together into one handy place. Whether this is a thirst for new music or an old favourite with a landmark celebration, here is the one-stop-shop for all your music needs.

The last seven days have been an important one in Bob Dylan’s world, with his eponymous debut album turning 59 and Bringing It All Back Home also celebrating its anniversary. These two albums are integral parts of his lineage, which helped Dylan become the ultimate iconoclast who sits comfortably in a league of his own.

To commemorate Bringing It All Back Home, Far Out examined how in 1964, Dylan spent the summer away from the city at his manager Albert Grossman’s home in Woodstock, New York and created this masterpiece. The article tells how Joan Baez, fellow folk troubadour and girlfriend at the time, came to visit; she found Dylan living in a dreamlike state, fully engrossed in his writing.

Baez recalled that “Bob stood at the typewriter in the corner of his room, drinking red wine and smoking and tapping away relentlessly for hours. And in the dead of night, he would wake up, grunt, grab a cigarette, and stumble over to the typewriter again.” 

Smashing Pumpkins leader Billy Corgan celebrated his 54th birthday over the last seven days, and as one of rock’s most integral voices in the last thirty years, we ranked his ten best songs. While it is an impossible task to pick merely ten out of the plethora of compositions from Corgan’s repertoire throughout his career, we’ve done it, so you don’t have to. Save yourself the torturous task of sifting through his work with The Smashing Pumpkins to Zwan to his solo career and back to The Smashing Pumpkins again.

Another notable anniversary this week is Iggy Pop’s breakout solo album, The Idiot, which saved his career following the end of The Stooges and helped make him a star as a solo artist with the assistance of David Bowie in Berlin.

Far Out’s feature tells the story of how the album rescued him after Iggy’s life post-Stooges was docked in the tempestuous bay of bewilderment, booze and substance abuse. Through a caustic combination of excesses and artistic exile, Iggy wound up in a Californian mental institution. 

The pair sought solace in creativity and journeyed away from the gaudy cocaine glow of America into the safe heroin haven of war-torn Berlin. It was a move that resulted in an artistic rebirth for both of them. For Iggy, in particular, it catapulted him from the fading doldrums of the ill-fated nearly-forgotten to the celestial realm of rock ‘n’ roll icon. The Idiot was the record that shot him there. 

Elsewhere on the site, Justin Hayward-Young from The Vaccines spoke about the band’s debut album, What Did You Expect From The Vaccines, turning ten and the rollercoaster that the last decade has been, but why is the happiest the band have ever found themselves.

“For the first couple of years, we put so much pressure on ourselves, and we felt so much pressure, and so much of that actually was just coming from us,” Hayward-Young said to Far Out on the band’s collective epiphany. “I suppose it took Pete leaving to realise that that, it’s all just like fun, really, and we’re like, so lucky to be able to do it.

“Even playing shows, you know,” the singer reminisces. “I remember there was a time when I beat myself up so much about not being good enough that it would stop me from being able to enjoy it. It got to a point like a couple of years ago; I was like, fuck it, just go out and have fun every single night. Every city, you go to try and go somewhere, or do something or meet someone that is exciting, interesting and challenging. The same for the show; just go out and have fun every night. Don’t worry if your guitar cuts out halfway through a song or you fuck up a lyric; none of that really matters. Just have fun.”

On the new music front, Bleach Lab released their debut EP, A Calm Sense Of Surrounding, on March 19th and gave the site the lowdown on their first release. The EP is plastered endlessly with desolate feelings that gush out of the record, and these emotions feel incredibly earnest and intimate in a time when we are all so disconnected from the outside world and living inside our heads without the usual distractions available to occupy our minds.

The Far Out Weekly Playlist

  • Smashing Pumpkins – ‘Today’
  • Nat King Cole – ‘Smile’
  • Lykke Li – ‘Late Night Feelings’
  • Chuck Berry – ‘You Can Never Tell’
  • Bob Dylan – ‘In My Time Of Dyin’ Bob Dylan – ‘Gates Of Eden’
  • The Specials – ‘Ghost Town’ Lana Del Rey – ‘White Dress’
  • Linkin Park – ‘What I’ve Done’
  • Bleach Lab – ‘Old Ways’
  • The Vaccines – ‘If You Wanna’
  • Rik Ocasek – ‘Emotion In Motion’
  • Gorillaz – ‘Clint Eastwood’
  • Public Enemy – ‘Fight The Power’ (From Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing)
  • Scott Walker – ‘My Death’