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(Credit: Harmony Gerber)


Watch Lana Del Rey & Julia Jacklin perform ‘Don’t Know How to Keep Loving You’


This Valentine’s Day, we kindly bring you two of the most love-spurned women in music singing about the unfortunate fizzle-out of romance and the huge social rift that the inevitable split causes. We recommend that you enjoy it as you weep into the arms of the teddy bear that your ex bought you last year. But remember things will get better, and in the meantime, you can always rely on the tender tones of Lana Del Rey and Julia Jacklin to cushion the most crushing subjects.

How many breakup songs does the world need? Aren’t we all fully fed on our filling of musical love for a few hundred years now? Well, apparently not so long as Jacklin keeps finding truly refreshing ways to tackle it. The title of the song says it all and it is such a simple and exacting concept that it hits home with the same peculiar reality as it would if we only just discovered the wheel a week ago. 

The caustic side of breakup can often prove so cutting that it has endlessly been poured over by professional songwriters in a raging war against ‘happily ever after’ since the guitar was invented. However, in truth, that brutal severance period proves somewhat fleeting, and it’s the uncomfortable parting of the final lingering threads that Jacklin tackles in such a way that it seems like the first time anyone has ever put their finger on it.

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The reality that the song looks at is: When a relationship is done, it is done. It’s not like leaving home, you can’t just pop back when you miss it or you realise you left a hoody behind. And when you’re on your next one, you can’t just say to your new interest, “Sorry, I’ll be back in a minute, just going to ring my ex and tell them I still really like them at heart,” it’s simply not the done thing. Thus, Jacklin mourns the lost friends, out-of-bounds pubs and places mired in bad memories that comes with an otherwise amicable split. 

When paired with Lana Del Rey’s inherent dose of Hollywood, this everyday tale of love gone stale is given a cinematic dose without its meaning ever coming under threat—it’s simply the sort of arthouse movie that doesn’t have that much of a plot. What’s more, the humble nature of the track truly brings out Del Rey’s strength as an interpretative performer. In short, she does just sing her songs, she seems to live and breathe them on stage. 

The soft singing duo came together at the Bellco Theatre in Denver, Colorado back in 2019 for the stunning performance below as part of Del Rey’s iconic Norman Fucking Rockwell tour. Therein the whole thing blends together like they’ve been playing together for decades in a band reminiscent of Mazzy Star. (And if all proves dower, we’ve also got a 40 songs for a sexy Valentine’s Day on site too).