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(Credit: Instagram)


Lana Del Rey is deactivating her social media accounts


Lana Del Rey has announced that she will be deactivating all of her social media accounts, stating that she wishes to pursue other interests. However, it has also been noted that the star also came under fire of late for wearing a netted face mask.

In the video message that announced her plans to withdraw from social media, she cited that her current creative projects require “privacy and transparency,” which on the surface sounds quite contradictory. 

Detailning further in the message, she said: “Hi guys, I just wanted to let you know that tomorrow we are going to be deactivating our social media accounts, my social media accounts.” Adding: “That is simply because I have so many interests, and other jobs I’m doing that require privacy and transparency.”

The Chemtrails Over the Country Club star then went on to say: “I’m still very present and love what I do. I am absolutely here for the music.” And ventured to hint that she was going to be exploring some undisclosed creative endeavours soon. 

Ahead of the release of her forthcoming album, Blue Banisters, she then concluded: “I want to say a heartfelt, just, thank you for, you know, continuing to kind of see me through the music. It’s always important to be witnessed and it’s also really important just to be witnessed by the people close to you that you know and who you trust. For right now, I think I’m going to just keep my circle a little bit closer and continue to develop some other skills and interests.”

The Los Angeles based singer-songwriter also released ‘Arcadia’ on September 8th, with the track conjuring up a classic crooner vibe in an ode to the city that finds itself closely entwined with her work.