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(Credit: Harmony Gerber)


Lana Del Rey almost quit music following Amy Winehouse's death


Lana Del Rey has revealed how she almost quit the music industry after hearing about Amy Winehouse’s death in 2011.

On July 23rd 2011, the world was brought to a stop when Winehouse tragically passed away due to alcohol poisoning. This same day was poignant for another reason for Del Rey, who received her first-ever review and that high she felt immediately stopped after hearing the news about Winehouse’s death.

“I had 10 seconds of the most elated feeling, and then the news everywhere, on all of the televisions, was that Amy had died on her front steps and I was like no. NO,” the singer told MOJO in a recent interview. “Everyone was watching, mesmerised, but I personally felt like I didn’t even want to sing anymore,” she added.

Del Rey also spoke about how she loved the early days of her career and the anonymity that came with it compared to the global fame she has today. “I maybe thought about Broadway. You’d get like a hundred dollars for singing background on records that would lead to nowhere,” Del Rey said.

Del Rey then spoke about the country theme running through her music and revealed she’d recorded a covers album full of country songs. “I went back and listened to ‘Ride’ and ‘Video Games’ and thought, you know they’re kind of country,” she said (via ContactMusic). “I mean, they’re definitely not pop.”

She continued: “Maybe the way ‘Video Games‘ got remastered, they’re pop – but there’s something Americana about it for sure. So let’s see how these things come out – I’m not going to have pedal steel guitar on every single thing, but it is easy for me to write.”

Del Rey’s seventh-studio album, Chemtrails Over The Country Club, arrives on March 19th through Interscope Records.