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(Credit: Harmony Gerber)


Lana Del Rey shares new song ‘Chemtrails Over The Country Club’

Lana Del Rey - 'Chemtrails Over The Country Club'

Lana Del Rey has shared the delectable titular new track, ‘Chemtrails Over The Country Club’, taken from her highly anticipated forthcoming album.

On numerous occasions, the record’s release date has been pushed back by Del Rey amid repeated delays. The record was first due to arrive back in September but various setbacks, including vinyl production issues, have prevented Chemtrails Over The Country Club from reaching the shelves. Thankfully, Del Rey’s seventh-studio album will finally be available on March 19th via Interscope. The titular track from the record is the second song that the musician has shared from the album following the first taster ‘Let Me Love You Like A Woman’.

The latest single is everything you’ve come to expect from a Lana Del Rey track, ‘Chemtrails Over The Country Club’ sits firmly in her wheelhouse and sees her deliver another beautifully heartbreaking effort. Rather than experimenting with new sounds, Del Rey has perfected the art of the bittersweet ballad and nobody does what she does better. “I’m on the run with you, my sweet love, There’s nothing wrong contemplating God, Under the chemtrails over the country club, We’re in our jewels in the swimming pool, Me and my sister just playin’ it cool, Under the chemtrails over the country club,” Del Rey sings on the opening verse.

Meanwhile, whilst appearing on BBC Radio 1 to announce the new single, Del Rey commented on last week’s shocking events in Washington: “The madness of Trump, as bad as it was, it really needed to happen. We really needed a reflection of our world’s greatest problem, which is not climate change, but sociopathy and narcissism. Especially in America. It’s going to kill the world. It’s not capitalism, it’s narcissism.

“I was surprised we didn’t have a live-television psychopath crazy person as a president a long time ago because that’s what we see on TV and that’s what we see on Instagram. A lot of really self-obsessed influencers… Not to say that there’s not some also really cute, great, happy-go-lucky influencers that have taught me about crockpots and Target hauls and all the things that have really cheered up my life.”

While 2021 will undoubtedly throw an ample dose of uncertainty in everyone’s direction, one thing that looks to be a fill of familiarity among the uncharted territory judging by the strength of this single is Chemtrails Over The Country Club. Though Del Rey isn’t breaking any new ground, it’s impossible to argue against its captivating charm, and it’s succinctly whetted the appetite for the upcoming album.