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(Credit: Subpop)

Seattle record shop owner unearths Kurt Cobain's uncashed royalty cheque from 1991


Matt Vaughan, the owner of Seattle record shop Easy Street Records, has unearthed some rare Kurt Cobain and Nirvana memorabilia after 28 years.

Vaughan, who was cleaning out the basement of the shop, discovered Cobain’s uncashed royalty cheque with a value of $26.57. The piece of history, hidden away amongst a collection of records, is dated back to 1990.

“Last week, I was moving some stuff around and guess found a moment of reflection, sat there in the basement and flipped through every page,” he told CNN. “That’s when these thin pieces of paper dropped out.”

Cobain and Nirvana, who were based in Seattle, regular frequented local record shops and music venues prior to their major breakthrough with the release of Bleach in 1989 and Nevermind two years later. Vaughan, who amassed a number of different Nirvana documents in the early 1990s, also recently discovered one of Cobain’s old receipts after he paid his $177 rent.

“It’s almost like these were reminders to him—or good luck charms—of harder times of what he had gone through,” Vaughn added. “It also puts things into perspective that he was no different than any of us. We all understand what it’s like to be past due on a doctor bill. We know what it’s like for your landlord to only accept cash. We know what it’s like to have so small of a check that you don’t even want to go into the bank and cash it.”

See the memorabilia, below.

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