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(Credit: Henry Laurisch)


King Krule covers John Lennon's 'Imagine'

King Krule - 'Imagine'

King Krule AKA Archy Marshall has shared a heartfelt cover of John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’.

The track has been hand-crafted to fit into Krule’s warped world, and Archy Marshall wraps the song in distortion to craft it into the trademark sound that we have grown to associate with the artist. Covering ‘Imagine’ is an almost impossible task, near about every artist has attempted to make the classic their own over the years, and most have failed.

Krule released it on his Bandcamp page over the weekend and accompanied the track, by adding: “Recorded in sweat, last summer, for a friend”. This cover is the first taste of new music for almost twelve months from the singer-songwriter and its an almighty treat that offers a potent reminder of his immense talent. His delivery is like nobody else and whilst on paper him taking on John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ sounds like potentially a recipe for disaster, however, it’s anything but that and Krule manages to cook up a heavenly devilish version.

Last year, Archy Marshall delivered the follow-up to his highly-acclaimed 2017 album, The Ooz, when he released Man Alive! The album once more gave a fiercely honest account of impending fatherhood and forced himself to take a look stare at his lifestyle in the mirror.

Anyone who is a fan of Krule knows that his records don’t make for easy-listening, they have a deliberate hostile edge to them, making everything he does a captivating listen. Man Alive! is a slight departure from The Ooz and sees Marshall be less vitriolic at the world as he once, however, the record still retains that gritty edge that is symbiotic with his work.

His cover of ‘Imagine’ would slide perfectly onto Man Alive! and is filled to the brim of emotion, which can be felt dramatically in Krule’s intoxicating vocal delivery. Take a listen, below.