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(Credit: Press)


Watch Arlo Parks' stunning cover King Krule song ‘Baby Blue’

Arlo Parks has shared an incredibly beautiful cover of King Krule song ‘Baby Blue’.

Introducing the track on social media, Parks described the King Krule track as “one of [her] favourite songs of all time.”

“It reminds me of waking up slowly, soft grey skies and swimming,” she said.

The 19-year-old prodigy then added: “There is nothing like sharing it with a friend or a lover for the first time – it gets in your blood and stays there.”

Earlier on in this series, Parks took to covering ‘Moon Song’ by Phoebe Bridgers who she thanked for “her surrealism and her dark humour”, adding “her gift for making the hyper-specific universal is something I think about most days.”

Watch her take on ‘Baby Blue’, below.