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Keith Moon once broke into Mick Jagger's hotel room dressed as Batman

The Rolling Stones frontman, Mick Jagger has revealed details about the time Keith Moon broke into his dressing room dressed as Batman. Jagger, speaking with Howard Stern on Sirius XM radio, said that, sometime in the 1970s, the legendary drummer of The Who climbed up the fire escape and broke into his hotel room in Los Angeles.

“Keith was a complete lunatic,” Jagger said, before adding: “I was in LA in a hotel once, asleep, and he broke into my room dressed as Batman. I woke up and there was Batman in front of me, with a mask and everything. It is not what you expect in the middle of the night.”

Jagger then went on to describe how the surprise arrival of ‘Moon the Loon’ in his bedroom in the middle of the night nearly led to a serious accident: “I think I had a knife, at least some sort of defensive weapon. So I pulled the knife and he said, ‘Oh no, it’s Keith’. I said, ‘You’re not Keith… I can tell you are not from your voice’. He replied, ‘No, Keith Moon’. Then he took the mask off.”

How Moon had managed to gain access to Jagger’s room, however, was a little less clear. That is until Jagger recalled: “He came up the fire escape. [He was] a nutcase.” Moon was a notoriously wild character and tragically died at the age of 32 after an accidental drug overdose in 1978.

Jagger appeared on Howard Stern to promote The Rolling Stones’ upcoming ‘No Filter’ tour. It’s the band’s first venture following the death of their drummer Charlie Watts. Describing his late friend, Jagger said that he was: “The heartbeat for the band, and also a very steady personality,” he said, before adding: “He was not to be perturbed. He was a very reliable person, wasn’t a diva – that’s the last thing you want in a drummer,” the frontman continued.

“I miss Charlie because he had a great sense of humour and we also were… outside of the band, we used to hang out quite a lot and have interesting times. We liked sports, we’d go to football, we’d go to cricket games, and we had other interests apart from music,” Jagger recalled.

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