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(Credit: Far Out / Ross Halfin / Governo do Estado de São Paulo)


The bizarre moment Keanu Reeves wrestled Alice Cooper

Is Keanu Reeves the coolest man in Hollywood? Probably. Whether it be his classic role as Ted, in Bill and Ted, Scott in My Own Private Idaho or Neo in The Matrix, Reeves has solidified his legacy as a bonafide cult legend. Although he has starred in some downright iconic titles over the years, it’s Reeves’ off-screen personality that has truly culminated in his status as the most excellent man in Hollywood and “the internet’s boyfriend”.

Reeves loves good music, namely Fugazi and Bad Brains, donates to charity, and is by all accounts, a very respectful human being, giving him a universal appeal that we laymen can only dream of achieving. Also, ‘Sad Keanu’, remains one of the most heartbreaking images the world has ever seen, so he’s to be protected at all costs. 

There’s no real surprise that Keanu Reeves is cool as hell because, after all, he was brought into a family that were also effortlessly dandy. His mother, Patricia, a costume designer, was acquainted with some of the biggest names of the day. For a time at the dawn of the ’70s, Reeves grew up in the Yorkville quarter of Toronto, one of the city’s most bohemian neighbourhood’s, something akin to Greenwich Village in New York. Patricia was one of the best in the business and, as a result, became friends with a host of celebrities.

One of these stars was rock ‘n’ roller Alice Cooper. Appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in 2017 whilst promoting John Wick: Chapter 2, Reeves revealed all. “I grew up in Toronto and I lived on a street called Hazleton, and there was a recording studio Nimbus 9, and my mother was in costume design,” he revealed. “She was in rock and roll and she was in the business, and they had friends and he had friends, and Alice Cooper, I’m told, babysat me. I mean, I don’t know how that could possibly happen, but it did.”

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However, Reeves did recall one small lump of information: “I remember there was fake poo in the fridge. Like somehow, that connected like that.” We get it. Reeves is so used to hanging out with stars that even being babysat by shock rock icon Alice Cooper, isn’t something that sticks in his mind – why should it? He’s Keanu Reeves. 

According to a claim by Reeves’ longtime friend, Evan Williams, who grew up with the actor in Toronto, one night Cooper challenged the two young fellas to a wrestle. One of music’s best-known sports lovers, there’s no surprise that Cooper didn’t go too easy on the duo. Williams claims that Cooper tied them both into “a human knot” and beat them resoundingly, leaving them wondering what the hell had just happened. 

If wrestling with Alice Cooper as a primary school child wasn’t enough to set a precedent for the rest of Reeves’ stellar life, we don’t know what would. This is just one of the many anecdotes that make Keanu Reeves the most beloved man in Hollywood. 

Watch Reeves talk about Alice Cooper below.