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Kadavar - Doomsday Machine


‘Doomsday Machine’ is the second track from Berlin three-piece Kadavar’s second album, ‘Abra Kadavar’ released in March 2013 and it is also the Far Out selection to kick start the weekend.

It’s the type of tune you would headbang to whilst hurtling down a dusty highway in a 64 Chevy Impala, with the wind in your wizardy hair. It has an enchanting smoky sepia sound, with hot and heavy Tony Iommi-esque guitars married with ballsy vocals reminiscent of The Cult’s Ian Astbury.

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The whole ‘revival’ malarkey is a tough one for bands to deliver, as it needs to conjure nostalgic imagery whilst still bringing something refreshing to the table. However, these hairy German imports have nailed it. No cheesiness whatsoever, just 100% prime quality psychedelic metal steak.

Their debut eponymous album released in 2012 was a huge success, allowing them to support doom royalty such as Saint Vitus, Sleep, Electric Wizard and of course the mighty Pentagram.

According to the Nuclear Blast website, Kadavar haven’t announced a 2014 tour (sad face), but will be playing Hellfest in France and the Austin Psych Fest this coming summer: We await any updates in eager anticipation.

Anna Fletcher