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(Credit: Brooke Ashley Barone)


Julia Stone shares ‘We All Have’ featuring The National’s Matt Berninger

Julia Stone ft Matt Berninger - 'We All Have'

Julia Stone has shared the beautiful and uplifting new single, ‘We All Have’, featuring The National’s frontman Matt Berninger.

Stone’s ghostly and haunting vocals provide the track with a mysterious feeling, and like everything is up in the air. Although the lyrics are reassuring, Stone’s impressive vocal delivery adds an extra layer to the track, stopping it from ever veering close to being cheesy or cringe. As the song deals with the importance of self-love and how this is paramount, often a song can miss the spot, but, Stone has no issues with getting the tone just right with Berninger playing a role in helping her achieve this.

‘We All Have’ was produced by St. Vincent and Thomas Bartlett – AKA Doveman. The presence of such esteemed members of indie royalty in one song should make for absolute no surprises about why it’s such a delicious effort.

Berninger only makes a cameo on the track, but, his appearance is the definition of short and sweet. The National leader swoons: “Love is all we needed to be here for, Love is all we needed to be here for,” before harmonising with Stone as they sing in unison, “Leave it alone now just need time, time, Leave it alone now you will find, find.”

Speaking about the track, Stone commented: “This song is about how everything transforms and moves; even though you feel so shitty at one point, it might shift into something new. Love is all that we really need to be here for —not love with someone else.”

Meanwhile, Berninger added: “It’s always really inspiring to hear old friends creating such amazing music. I’ve been a big fan of Julia’s work for a long time, and it was so fun to be invited to be a part of this song!”

The track arrives with visuals that match the elegant nature of ‘We All Have’ and filmed off the coast of Tasmania’s picturesque Southport. Check it out, below.