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(Credit: Andy Cotterill)


Johnny Marr says he and Morrissey are "so different"

Before working as a solo artist, Johnny Marr worked as a sideman in several bands following his departure from The Smiths. From the yearning of The Pretenders to the jangly dream-pop of Modest Mouse, Marr has enjoyed the process of creating even more than the product itself.

While discussing his latest creation, Fever Dreams Pt 1-4, Marr decided to give an overview of his personal trajectory, highlighting the importance of loyalty in a working situation. And as if anticipating the next question, Marr revealed that he won’t be working with Morrissey again in the future.

“It’s a simplistic way of putting it, but one of the reasons I’ve been in so many bands was because I wanted to be loyal to them,” Marr told Uncut. “It won’t come as any surprise when I say that I’m really close with everyone I’ve worked with – except for the obvious one. And that isn’t that much of a surprise because we’re so different, me and Morrissey. But all of these different musicians, I can pick up the phone to any one, and just pick up from where we left off.”

“So yeah, loyalty, ” Marr continued. “But it’s not because I’m so virtuous. Everyone I’ve worked with has been great. The only thing that turned to shit was The Smiths. Which is a shame, but shit happens. I hate talking about the group I formed in those terms, the group I loved. But, you know, let’s get some perspective.”

While never looking back, relentlessly seeking the next project in the future, judging by an interview he gave to NME in 2021, Marr would probably consider working with James Bond composer Hans Zimmer again: “There are always people around Hans who are doing the most amazing things with cutting-edge technology, and I’m always so happy when my idea is the one that gets across the line,” he said.

“I just stand my ground in these meetings and say, ‘I can do that, I can make the most spooked-out, horrible, creepy, disturbing noise’ to these people that have been doing it for 25 years, and it becomes a point of pride that I’m doing it on the guitar.”