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(Credit: Joi Ito)


J.J. Abrams to produce live-action 'Hot Wheels' movie


The legion of toy-to-movie adaptations drives forward, with the American toy company, Mattel, bringing Hot Wheels to the big screen in partnership with Warner Bros and producer JJ Abrams. 

With no news as to writers, directors or cast currently announced, a new press release for the film reveals the movie will showcase “some of the world’s hottest and sleekest cars, monster trucks and motorcycles”. 

Mattel Films’ executive producer Robbie Brenner had a little more to say about the project, though revealed few plot details, stating, “As the global leader in car culture, Hot Wheels has been igniting the challenger spirit in auto enthusiasts for generations”.

Continuing, he added: “Fans of all ages are now in for the ride of their lives with the incredible talent of J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot joining us alongside Warner Bros. Pictures to transform Hot Wheels’ legendary IP into a thrilling story for the big screen”.

Quite how this new project will shape up is unclear, though with the current success of the ongoing Fast & Furious franchise (that will soon be coming to an end), Hot Wheels will surely feature hot-rods and bombastic action sequences, though maybe not a curious obsession with ‘family’. 

On the other hand, it could always go down the Redline route, following a chaotic race across the country featuring insane visuals, high-flying jumps and flaming rings. 

Whatever Mattel and Warner Bros conjure up, we still have the Barbie movie to look forward to next year, with the screenwriting talent of duo Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach promising something rather extraordinary.