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Premiere: Jimmy Cass returns with the sumptuous new song 'Anything'


Jimmy Cass is back and back with a star-crossed bang. We are very happy to be premiering the latest outing form the Melbourne-based artist. Following a few forays into the world of film, Cass now finds himself back in his natural habitat and latest track ‘Anything’ is a reason we should all be happy about that.

Cass is hot off the back of his recent audio-visual explorations In The Beginning and CHAPTERS which saw Cass reflect on the roads and paths which led him to his current self. It was a self-reflective project which allowed Cass to flex his artistic muscles in such a way that the personal home truths became universal acknowledgements.

Now though, Cass is back behind the production desk with a new direction and is concentrating more firmly on the sonic side of his recent expeditions. The artist’s ear is uncanny, so when we heard a new track was on the way we had very high hopes. Luckily enough Cass isn’t in the business of disappointing those listeners.

On ‘Anything’ Cass is consistently hitting the high levels of songmanship. Finding the beauty of dead space and letting it emphatically resonate, all the while over-filling the blocks of sound with luscious synth lines and reverb-dripping vocals.

It’s easy to lump this kind of sound in with that other export from Down Under, Tame Impala, but the truth is, Cass’ work holds more truth, more hard work and far more authenticity. Cass is back and we couldn’t be happier.