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Jimmy Cass shares follow-up audio-visual project 'In The Beginning'

Jimmy Cass is a long time creator. Born in Streatham, South London, and now based in Melbourne, Jimmy has always turned his hand towards artistic development and creation. Be it through sound or film, Jimmy was always destined to create and now through his new venture, the audio-visual project, In The Beginning, we can see how and why.

With the first part of In The Beginning, the follow-up to the acclaimed AV album/project CHAPTERS, dropping today via his Instagram we are glued to the man’s social media platforms waiting for the next installment already. The project fuses candid home videos from Cass’ time in London with some beautifully sparse and cultured compositions on piano, synths, and drum machines – accurately described as Twin Peaks via a council estate.

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Conceived and composed in the span of one Herculean week, In The Beginning, is part album, part biopic, and part biopsy. After sifting through hours of footage from his early family life in the ’90s, spread between England’s south coast and his home in Streatham, Cass first compiled a series of quotidian snapshots from the period. Displaying a rare ability to take the personal and make it universal, Cass then interpreted these fleeting moments into deeper sonic studies and narratives, drawing from his experience scoring film and fashion with Danny Sangra and Vivienne Westwood respectively and creating live visuals for local shoegaze outfit Lowtide.

The result is richly emotive, the score at times amplifying and at others distorting its paired imagery, Cass creating deeply menacing vibrations with as much ease as gentle, sweeping nostalgia.

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