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Jimmy Cass shares new audio/visual album CHAPTERS

Producer and musician Jimmy Cass has been knocking around the scene for a little while. Previous ventures (Men’s Adventures particuarly) saw Cass work mainly in a band environment and his skills with a guitar firmly at the forefront or as a technician for the legendary Toe Rag Studios in Hackney.

CHAPTERS is his first full length as a solo act and it shows the creativity he was holding back as part of a group.

The album is an audio/visual expression which moves Cass away from the everyday and instead stands him next to legends such as Philip Glass et al. It’s a change which has been brought about no less by his move to the cultural hub of Melbourne, Australia from his natural South London home. It’s a truly astonishing piece of work.

It’s also not the first foray in to the world of film for Cass who also worked with the brilliant Danny Sangra on the score for his film ‘Goldbricks In Bloom’, which received critical praise.

But what this really is, above everything else; above the audio/visual component, above the striving to be different in an identikit scene, above the move from South London to sunny oz, is the real notion that this is what Cass always wanted to do. At the helm of his own project propelled by his own artistry.

Judging by CHAPTERS it’s going to be a big few years for Jimmy Cass.