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Jesus On Heroine - No Hard Feelings


What can we say about Jesus On Heroine? Well, the truth is, tracing down information on these guys is pretty damn difficult, they like to keep way under the radar. They are a mysterious psychedelic shoegaze band from Copenhagen, influenced by the likes of The Doors, The Jesus and Mary Chain and strangely Kasabian and they clearly want their music to speak for itself.

They’ve been around since 2011 and released their most recent album in 2013, Tremelo Eastern Salvation. The video for their song, and Far Out’s Track of the Day ‘No Hard Feelings’ presents you with a naked woman swaying from side to side with a backdrop of psychedelic rainbow jellyfish – it’s pretty trippy.

This is music to get lost too, with more ambience and dream-like cloudiness than you can shake a stick at.  They are venturing out from wherever they hide to play Berlin’s Psych Fest in April 2014 joined by a hearty line-up of international psychedelic bands. Here’s hoping for a live interpretation of the naked woman with jellyfish as part of their performance. If they can’t manage that, I reckon it would be a pretty decent show anyway.

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