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(Credit: Martin Kraft)


Jeff Goldblum lands role in Stephen Fry adaptation 'The Liar'

Stephen Fry’s 1991 novel The Liar is considered by many to be a delightfully whimsical and humourous literary work. Featuring an unreliable narrator, the book follows an upper-class Englishman through the years as he indulges in copious amounts of lies and subterfuge on his journey from public school to Cambridge University.

It was recently announced that Fry’s famous semi-autobiographical novel would receive a film adaptation, which excited fans all over the world. Directed by Tony Hagger, the film will feature some top actors who are being lined up, including Asa Butterfield, the star of the Netflix show Sex Education.

The latest addition to the growing cast is American actor Jeff Goldblum who rose to prominence with appearances in popular blockbusters like Jurassic Park and Independence Day. Hagger confirmed that the shooting will take place in Cambridge and Austria, with an estimated budget of $5.4m – $7.7m.

“I hiccuped with delight when I heard that Jeff Goldblum had accepted the role of Donald Trefusis,” Fry revealed. “That uniquely perfect mixture of authority, eccentricity, intelligence, humour and charm is just what the character calls for… hurrah!”

While speaking about the narrative, Hagger said: “The educational career of an impossibly smug public-schoolboy, compulsive liar and Oscar Wilde wannabe, Adrian Healey, whose duplicitous pranks and game-playing somehow get him embroiled in an international espionage case with his university professors. As fuge and subterfuge feature, Adrian searches for the meaning of life; well, his life anyway.”

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