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JAWS - Think Too Much, Feel Too Little


As Jaws continue to chomp their way out of ‘West Midz’ they release slurps of wonderfulness after the Milkshake EP and on 19th April they will pipette another piece of reverb-dripping Britpop. Released via Rattlepop Records the band delicately dances between looping riffs and hazy vocals to give us a glimpse of Summer sunsets and our Track Of The Day.

The track shares some similarities with some of Bombay Bicycle Club’s more recent work but with a hazier yet grittier vocal performance; a little less polished and a little more unhinged. Guitars trip and jump over each other in that sardonic summer way, glimpsing synth melts and fades away backed with a dusk filled shaping rhythm.   

Think Too Much, Feel Too Little goes to reaffirm Jaws sound as sun drenched, dream pop filled with laconic vocals and cordial wit. As youth culture looks toward the ever increasing number of teenage bands Jaws are proving you don’t have to be moulded to make it.

Having broken through the ranks along with fellow Midlanders Peace, Swim Deep and Superfood there feels an aura of a genuine generational movement beginning to grow. The band are avoiding the cliched potholes and are breeding authenticity as the industry begins to purify itself of rock and roll pastiches.


Jack Whatley