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(Credit: Peter Lally)


Jaws share new track 'Untitled'

JAWS - 'Untitled'

Birmingham’s Jaws have served up a treat by releasing the dreamy new single, ‘Untitled’.

Jaws recorded the track when they made their third album, 2019’s The Ceiling, but didn’t make the final cut for one reason or another. Rather than leaving ‘Untitled’ on the shelf to gather dust, Jaws have done the admirable thing and gifted it to the world. It’s the first release from the group in almost two years and a timely reminder of their bewitching talent, which sounds as heavenly as ever on ‘Untitled’.

Commenting on the track, frontman Connor Schofield says: “The Track ‘Untitled’ was recorded for our last album The Ceiling but just didn’t make the final tracklisting. It’s a track I’ve always loved, it reminds me a lot of our earlier stuff and I guess it’s a nod to that.”

While a new album isn’t immediately on the horizon from the quartet, on May 28th, they are releasing a photo book shot by Peter Lally, which captures Jaws on their 2019 tour of the UK following the release of The Ceiling.

Speaking about the book, Schofield says: “Originally there was no intention to make a book, we had Peter out on the road with us taking pictures but we thought it would be cool to use all the photos from one period of time to create something physical rather than images just sitting on Instagram or my hard drive for the rest of time. We’re all really happy with how the book has turned out, and hope that other people can find just as much enjoyment out of it as we do flicking back through it.”

The band are hitting the road again in 2021 with a tour scheduled for this winter which includes a show at The Lafayette in London, a homecoming appearance at Birmingham’s Sonic Wave Festival, and eight more stops throughout these shores.

‘Untitled’ is undeniably going to be a flavoursome addition to the group’s setlist when gigs finally return. The effort sees the band retreat to a softer, more delicate location that littered Jaws’ debut album that all give the track a warm, nostalgic feeling that will brighten up your Monday.