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Jarvis Cocker: "Brexit is an ongoing mental health crisis"


Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker has described Brexit as “an ongoing mental health crisis” for the entire country.

Cocker, who has previously released a pamphlet on his opinion in regards to Brexit, has been heavily involved in the debate since the public voted in favour of leaving the European Union.

Now, when sitting down to speak to The Observer, the Cocker raised the issue that the UK has become too obsessed with the concept of ‘losing its identity’, explaining the “the French aren’t any less French for being in Europe; the Germans aren’t any less German and they have the Euro.”

More seriously, Cocker suggested that the whole process of Brexit has become a national mental health issue: “I think Brexit has been an ongoing mental health crisis for the whole country,” he added. “With it being a split vote, you’re kind of pitching half the country against the other. In the past people always accepted the fact that while you might not agree with everybody, it’s more important to just get on with them.

“But now it’s everybody screaming at each other: ‘Ooh I’m not talking to her!’ It’s very pertinent in my life, because my mother voted for Brexit, so what am I gonna do, am I gonna disown her?”

Continuing, Cockers adopts a childish voice and says: “You are not my mother any more!”

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