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Jarvis Cocker to release pamphlet on Brexit


Pulp’s Jarvis Cocker will this month release the text of two speeches that he made about Brexit in 2017 through Rough Trade Books. The group regularly publish similar pamphlets from prominent musicians discussing topics of interest that matter to them.

Cocker’s effort will be titled Good Pop, Bad Pop, which are full transcripts of two speeches he made about Brexit last year. Rough Trade will also be releasing pamphlets by Martha Sprackland, Charlotte Newman, Luke Wright, Mathew Clayton, and Marcel Theroux in their next series alongside Cocker’s.

The blurb for the text describes it as: “This pamphlet consists of the text of two speeches Jarvis Cocker made in public during 2017. They both concern Br**it—but please don’t let that put you off.”

Brexit is a topic which the Sheffield born musician, who now lives in Paris, has been very vocal about and he, along with the likes of Damon Albarn, Ed Sheeran and Rita Ora, drafted a letter along with Sir Bob Geldof, which was then forwarded on to prime minister Theresa May.

The letter was warning the PM about the possible threat that Brexit will have on the UK music industry and that it’s “vast voice” would be silenced inside a “self-built cultural jail” should Britain leave the EU.

For more information about the latest series of pamphlets including Jarvis’s which is available for just £7.99 then head over to Rough Trade Books.

Watch one speech he made on the topic below: