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(Credit: Channel 4)

Pete Doherty believes Brexit will “be the best thing in the world for music”


Pete Doherty has offered his opinion on the Brexit mess by claiming it will “be the best thing in the world for music”.

The Libertines frontman was appearing as part of a Channel 4 programme when the conversation turned to Britain’s struggling efforts to leave the EU. Doherty, who suggested that Brexit was having a negative impact on his band, also explained how he thinks “an incredible backlash” from musicians will occur.

Detailing his “horrible creeping [feeling]” about the impact the deal will have on the country, Doherty added:

“I can feel like in Watership Down when the fields start to turn black, because of all the propaganda that we’re getting fed about Brexit.

“I don’t believe that this great British nation is capable of doing that to itself. And destroying my band in the process, because I’m the only British passport holder in the band.”

Doherty, who has enjoyed commercial success as a solo artists and with his band, was asked if he thinks Brexit will have a negative effect on the music industry, to which he replied: “No, it’ll be the best thing in the world for music.”

“You’ll see, you’ll get the most insane new wave of the most incredible [acts]. You see the difference between writing a poem in prison and writing a poem in a cottage by a lake, you know,” he added.

“There will be an incredible backlash.”

Despite Doherty’s optimism, Nicholas Marin, the political correspondent for the Immigration Advice Service, detailed his fears for the music industry in a potential no-deal Brexit UK.

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