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(Credit: Mariel Argüello)


Jarvis Cocker announces Pulp reunion for 2023

Jarvis Cocker has confirmed that Pulp will be reuniting for a series of shows in 2023.

Cocker made the announcement during a live event with The Guardian. The singer was asked about a cryptic message that appeared on the band’s social media last week. The post included the message “What do you do for an encore”, which referenced a lyric from the title track of the band’s This Is Hardcore.

This is Hardcore is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2023, which kickstarted speculation that Pulp may be planning something. It wasn’t initially clear what, if anything, the post signalled for the future, but now Cocker has confirmed a reunion.

Pulp originally broke up in 2002, a year after the release of their seventh studio album We Love Life. In 2011, it was announced that the lineup from their biggest LP, 1995’s Different Class, would be reuniting for a series of shows. When the band hit the road in 2012, guitarist Richard Senior declined to participate.

It’s currently unclear which version of the Pulp lineup will be involved in the reunion and how many shows the band will play. Throughout the band’s first reunion, Cocker commented that no new music would be recorded, with the 2013 single ‘After You’ representing the only new material.

‘After You’ was a one-off, so it’s probably safe to assume that the same will go for this new reformation. Back in 2015, Jarvis kept the possibility of reforming Pulp open but compared the band to a dormant volcano. “You can think ‘wow, that’s dormant’ and then the next day your house has gone, because it’s erupted,” Cocker explained.