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(Credit: Japanese Breakfast)


Japanese Breakfast rejects Machine Gun Kelly and album cover comparisons


Michelle Zauner of Japanese Breakfast has offered a light-hearted response to allegations that her 2021 album Jubilee has similar cover art to that of the new Machine Gun Kelly album

Mainstream Sellout – Kelly’s sixth studio offering – was unveiled yesterday (March 14th), when its full tracklist and cover art were revealed. Rolling Stone quickly drew a parallel between Mainstream Sellout‘s cover art and the cover of Jubilee, noting the shared presence and positioning of coloured tomatoes.

Zauner took to Twitter to jokingly declare that Rolling Stone had unknowingly sparked the “feud of the year”. Kelly then responded to the tweet, writing that while he had not previously heard Zauner’s work on Jubilee he was happy to call himself a new fan. “So should we beef over tomatoes or…should I thank them for introducing me to your album, because I just listened and I really like it,” Kelly replied.

Speaking to Pitchfork, Zauner has argued that the comparison is completely unfounded, stating that Jubilee doesn’t look “anything like” the cover of Mainstream Sellout. “I think it’s very funny that Rolling Stone put up an article about it just because there’s a circular fruit in the foreground,” she said. “I mean, his is people throwing tomatoes at him, and mine is persimmons peacefully hanging around me, so I think they’re very different concepts,” she concluded.

Zauner went on to note while she has not met Kelly in person. “He seems like a fine person,” she said. “I can’t imagine having rock beef with anyone – but if I had to choose, it would probably be Machine Gun Kelly.” This isn’t the first time Kelly has been forced to prove the authenticity of his work. He recently took to TikTok to counter accusations that he does not play his guitar live.

Jubilee, Japanese Breakfast’s third studio album, was released back in June 2021. In a review of the album, Far Out wrote: “Jubilee is what happens when a one of a kind artist is working at the top of her game. Unencumbered by any need to establish her style or voice, Zauner instead shoots for the moon and lands high above just about anyone else in terms of quality songwriting and exciting progressive musicality. It’s her best album yet, and it will be an incredibly high bar to pass. I’m sure we’ll all be waiting to see how, not if, she does.”

See the two album covers, below.

(Credit: Press)
(Credit: Press)