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(Credit: Japanese Breakfast)


Japanese Breakfast perform three tracks from 'Jubilee' on CBS This Morning

American indie rock band Japanese Breakfast showed up at the world-renowned “program that’s always on in the break room while you’re getting coffee” CBS Sunday Morning to perform three tracks from their latest release Jubilee.

The band, consisting of mastermind Michelle Zauner accompanied by her current backing group of musicians, burned through album tracks ‘Be Sweet’, ‘Kokomo, IN’, and ‘Tactics’, bringing the funky atmospherics and slow-moving ballads to life.

Why Zauner didn’t go full bore and put on a confrontational performance of ‘Posing in Bondage’ to the housewives and elderly folk who make up at least 90 per cent of CBS This Morning’s demographic is beyond me. That would have been a hell of a report to write about. Instead, we have to make do with three really great songs performed intricately and beautifully and appropriately for the whole family. Damn.

The dreamy minor chords of ‘Kokomo, IN’ get to rub up against the vibrant pizzicato violin plucks with slow-burning aplomb. Much of Jubilee doesn’t exactly sound like it would be the easiest material to rework for a live setting, but Zauner and her band do a fantastic job of bringing all the disparate effects and sounds that swirl around the album to life.

It’s been a busy few months for Japanese Breakfast. Jubilee was released earlier this month, but Zauner’s memoir Crying in H Mart has also found success and acclaim, giving Zauner two success stories in the span of not even two months. Neither Jubilee nor Crying in H Mart are exclusively summer, good-vibes kinds of works, but both have major life-affirming elements that could easily excite, enthral, and make you extremely emotional.

It’s the Zauner special: a somewhat unexpected but joyfully robust burst of positive and negative feelings that can be ragged, imperfect, and delightfully bizarre but retain a certain warmth and immediacy that invited you in and encourages you to think about the way you live your own life. It’s deep, but that deepness is rewarded with a truly one of a kind artist.

Check out the videos of Japanese Breakfast’s performance down below.