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James Wan explains the twist ending of ‘Malignant’


The announcement of a new horror film from the modern maestro James Wan has become somewhat of an event for horror fans in and of itself. Having directed some of the most influential horror films of modern cinema, including Saw, Insidious and The Conjuring, James Wan is back with the science fiction terror, Malignant. 

Having departed from the genre to direct 2015s Fast & Furious 7 and DC’s Aquaman in 2017, Wan’s return to horror has been long anticipated, with Malignant causing much discussion, particularly in reference to its twist ending. 

The story itself follows Madison (Annabelle Wallis), a woman paralysed by shocking visions of murder, only for her condition to worsen once she discovers such violent acts are, in fact, real. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Wan discussed the film’s twist ending, and how it actually has roots in real science. Wan stated: “My wife, Ingrid [Bisu], she does a lot of research into medical anomalies. She goes, ‘There are people that are afflicted by this thing [teratomas], that were born like this”.

Continuing his explanation, he noted: “I just thought, wow. So obviously my horror movie-fucked mind went immediately to the most messed-up story I could come up with. Her and I, we just started spitballing ideas and [it] eventually snowballed into a concept”.

Wan then elaborated on this and discussed how such an idea could be realistically implemented, explaining, “The whole time I was thinking, how do I take this seed of an idea and actually turn it into a film and what I can do with that can possibly allow me to have fun with all kinds of practical effects that I haven’t played with in a while?”. 

“You know, the blood and guts and all the cool animatronic stuff. It stemmed from all kinds of aspirations, but that really was the start of that idea,” horror-legend James Wan concluded. 

Malignant is out now in cinemas worldwide. Check out the terrifying trailer below.