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(Credit: YouTube)


Watch the new trailer for James Wan's horror 'Malignant'


Halloween season is beginning earlier than planned this year as James Wan’s Malignant releases its second trailer ahead of its early September release date.

The latest creation from the director of The Conjuring, Saw and Insidious as well as Hollywood blockbusters Aquaman and Furious 7, Malignant marks James Wan’s long-awaited return to the horror genre. 

Starring Annabelle Wallis, Maddie Hasson, George Young and Michele Briana White, the film follows a woman who becomes paralysed by shocking visions of gruesome murders, only to discover that these visions are in fact terrifying realities. Penned by Akela Cooper, the writer of Luke Cage and American Horror Story, the film has been on the radars of horror fans for many years. 

Known as perhaps the most influential modern horror filmmaker, Australian-born James Wan is responsible for sparking three major horror franchises, The Conjuring, Saw and Insidious, with each one going on to earn considerable box-office returns. 

In an interview with Daily Deed, Wan explained: “When I make a movie, I know exactly how I want to make it. Even though sometimes I storyboard, I’m not necessarily a big fan of doing storyboards, but I do it just for the crew and just so the producers feel comfortable. Yes, I can kind of share my vision with everyone else, but I generally go in knowing exactly where every shot is going to be, where to put the camera, and how to do these things. It’s just kind of what I do.”

Adding to this he commented, “If you have characters that you care about, that is hands down the most important thing. You have to take time to tell their story before you just throw all these scary things at the audience. Otherwise, it just works on a very superficial, surface level”.

Take a look at the brand new trailer below: