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Credit: Matt Biddulph


James Murphy issues in-depth update about the future of LCD Soundsystem


James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem has issued an important update to fans, explaining the motivations behind a new series of mini-residencies to celebrate the band’s 20th anniversary. LCD Soundsytem are set to play four nights at Philadelphia’s Franklin Music Hall from March 28th-31st, and four nights at Boston’s Roadrunner from April 3rd-6th. The group have also revealed plans for a four-show residency at Brixton’s 02 Academy from July 1st-3rd.

Taking to LCD Soundsystem’s social media channels, Murphy revealed the motivations behind the new touring format, explaining that extensive touring can wreak havoc with the recording process. “You invest so much time, energy, and cost into ‘getting ready’ [for a tour] that you wind up touring for ages just to make it worthwhile… then you need a big break again. Then you are reluctant to start all over again. it’s a cycle,” he wrote.

According to Murphy, the group’s decision to take a long-term residency at Brooklyn Steel was an attempt to break that cycle: “We really wanted to stop living like that, so we talked about just playing some shows in new york, since most of us live here, and not making it too big of a deal. Like, just playing because we like it, and because we like one another. Just be a New York band for a bit. And maybe we’ll do something like that every year. Just stay in shape, if that makes sense. And just make records along the way. maybe just singles for a while, so there isn’t some ‘album panic’ etc.”

This new approach, Murphy believes, will allow the band to really savour the shows they play, while also leaving the bandmembers enough time to actually live their lives: “It was great to play those shows, and we’re looking forward to the rest of the shows we’re playing this year. It’s not overwhelming, so I can work on new music and we can all be human beings. Maybe we’ll just play other places next year, moving around to cities we like to play, where we’re wanted, etc.”

Murphy’s in-depth post also mentioned the arrival of LCD Soundsystem’s new single ‘Losing My Edge’, as well as the 20th anniversary of the band’s label, DFA Records, which will be throwing a couple of parties in the coming months. “We’re trying to have some good DFA get-downs in a few places,” Murphy wrote, “Come see us!”.

The singer also confirmed that LCD Soundsystem have no plans to reschedule the three Brooklyn Steel shows cancelled due to Covid-19 back in December. “We just gave everyone their money back,” Murphy explained, “Because I hate the idea of holding people’s money for some, abstract ‘future’ show.” That being said, ticket-holders have been promised priority access to future LCD Soundsystem concerts. You can read Murphy’s full statement about the future of LCD Soundsystem below.