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James Murphy sends out detailed and personal message to LCD Soundsystem fans


LCD Soundsystem singer James Murphy has shared a long and detailed message to the fans to answer any questions they have in regards to their new album American Dream.

The band, who recently released their new single ‘Tonite’ with accompanying 1980s inspired music video, are heading out on tour after confirming the new album will be officially out there from September 1st.

Murphy, who has followed his popular trend of posting in-depth messages to fans via Facebook, thanked fans for buying tickets to their live shows and confirmed each person will receive a free CD: “Everyone who bought tickets for these upcoming shows is entitled to a CD in the mail,” he wrote. “Like, no charge. no shipping. just free/included with your ticket. you don’t HAVE to take the CD, but it’s yours if you want it. I’m pretty sure it will arrive at yours on sept 1. and you can take your CD and pretend it’s 1995.”

He also confirmed the new album will be available via CD, vinyl and cassette before making some bold claims about the final product: “It’s the best I’ve felt about an LCD LP ever. which could totally spell disaster.”

Read the full statement, here: