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LCD Soundsystem are going back to the 1980's with new song 'Tonite'

LCD Soundsystem have shared the new video for ‘Tonite’, the latest single from their new LP American Dream.

“Everybody’s singing the same song / It goes “tonight, tonight, tonight,” the song opens as we’re introduced to pure 1980’s visuals.

The track is the third number we’ve heard from the band’s new material, following in the footsteps of  ‘Call the Police’ and ‘American Dream’. That said, ‘Tonite’ is the first major ‘dancefloor’ number we’ve been treated to by the band with their new stuff.

The track ends with Murphy saying: “That’s going to have to be good enough, I can’t do this anymore, my brain won’t work” in regards to the turmoil of recording the new track. Such a quote could go a long way to explaining the mentality of the recently reformed band who reference their age in the most recent lyrics: “And you’re getting older / I promise you this, you’re getting older,” Murphy sings. “But the future’s a nightmare / And there’s nothing I can do / There’s nothing anyone can do about this.”