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(Credit: Stefan Brending)


Jake Bugg shares euphoric gospel-inspired single 'All I Need'


Jake Bugg has returned with another slice of brand new music, this time with the gospel led new single ‘All I Need’ which is a powerful, euphoric tonic for these times.

The track is the Nottingham singer-songwriter’s fourth release since he signed to RCA following the previously shared numbers ‘Kiss Like The Sun’, ‘Rabbit Hole’ and ‘Saviours Of The City‘. All three of his previous singles see Bugg flex his muscles sonically speaking, which is what he continues to do on the gorgeous ‘All I Need’. Rather than being dour, he is grateful for his lot in life and sees him expand his sound once more.

Thanks to the collaboration with the Urban Flames choir who help bring an extra level of energy to the song, which gives it a new, powerful edge and a much-needed feeling that everything is going to be alright, a feeling that has become foreign to many of us over the last six months. The choir also make up for the limitations in Bugg’s voice which even he’d likely admit is not one that is made for an uplifting gospel ballad but the contrast of these two completely different sounds complement each other beautifully.

“All I need is about a moment of satisfaction or clarity,” the 26-year-old said about his latest effort before adding, “A feeling that comes when you are completely engaged in what you are doing, however you arrived there.”

‘All I Need’ is a world away from his Nashville style most recent album Hearts That Strain and sounds like a completely different artist to the one that burst onto the scene almost a decade ago. His current attitude of moving forwards with every release rather than trying to replicate the sound that gifted him his initial success is paying off and may this journey of experimentation continue to last.

Jake Bugg - 'All I Need'