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Credit: Warner Bros.


Hans Zimmer used a choir and FaceTime to record his cover of Pink Floyd for 'Dune' trailer


He may well be an iconic composer but Hans Zimmer is more than happy to use technology to achieve his sound. When stuck in a pandemic, it is essential, in fact, to do so. On his cover of Pink Floyd’s ‘Eclipse’ for the recently shared Dune trailer, Zimmer was forced to used FaceTime to complete the recording.

The much-hyped release of Denis Villeneuve’s adaptation of Frank Herbert’s sci-fi novel grabbed the attention of the whole world when it dropped the trailer earlier this month. While visually stunning, a lot was made of the cover of Pink Floyd’s song ‘Eclipse’ from Zimmer with the song seeing a whopping 1750% increase in streams. The band’s connection to the book goes back a little further, too.

Pink Floyd are one band who is intrinsically connected to science fiction, as well as soundtracking footage of the actual moon landing, the band were also almost employed to write the score for Alejandro Jodorowsky’s failed attempt to get Dune adapted from Herbert’s book into a movie. It seems now they have got their chance to be a part of the project, in some form at least.

Variety revealed that it was Zimmer who took control of the song for the new trailer. Zimmer has spent much of lockdown putting the final touches to the score for Dune and took a break from the larger project to personally oversee the Floyd cover. Zimmer also used a 32-piece choir, all while maintaining social distancing measures, to give the cover a particular resonance.

“He wanted to pay homage to the original, very back-phrased sound, a little spaced-out, so the vocals would not sound urgent,” choral contractor Edie Lehmann Boddicker said to Variety. “There’s a kind of joy happening in the track, a lot of hopefulness. It’s not despondent, just very peaceful and sounding not of this planet.”

“We followed all the [COVID-19] protocols,” he continued. “Everybody wore masks except when they were in their separate cubicles, divided by glass, all with their own mic’s, and everything was wiped down between sessions.” Zimmer, buried in the work of the film’s entire score, chose to not visit the studio and instead conducted proceedings via FaceTime.

The cover hasn’t yet been shared to streaming sites but we imagine that won’t be far along. Dune will be released in cinemas on December 18th and you can watch the trailer again below, to get you excited.