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Jack White thinks The Rolling Stones copied The Beatles

In an interview with Mojo, guitarist Jack White described The Rolling Stones musical director Mick Jagger as “smart” and had a tendency to copy “whatever the hippest thing was”. White elaborated on the sentiment, stating that the band were shrewder and more discerning than many give them credit for.

“People want The Rolling Stones to be cool, dirty, raucous,” White admitted. “They don’t want to understand that The Rolling Stones were chasing a hit constantly and feeding off whatever the hippest thing was, copying whatever The Beatles did last week.” The songwriter conceded that the “fantasy” is what draws The Rolling Stones to quite so many people.”

In the same interview, White called Paul McCartney his favourite of The Beatles, stating that it’s much harder to be the person who gets things going, as opposed to the person who stands there apathetically. White feels that people tend to side with George Harrison for “coolness”. White left John Lennon and Ringo Starr in his comments but made it clear that he enjoyed the Get Back series for its depiction of the band at their most unadorned and naturalistic.

In other White related news, White got married to Black Belles frontwoman Olivia Jean. It happened during a performance in Detroit, White felt the urge to propose to Jean, marrying her a few moments later, as his business partner Ben Swank officiated the ceremony. This is White’s third marriage, following stints with Meg White and Karen Elson. In a curious change of pace, White adopted Meg’s surname when he married her and has used it ever since. He was married to Meg White from 1996 to 2000, and married Elson in 2005. They also divorced in 2013.

Jack White has previously fronted The White Stripes and The Raconteurs, but more recently has emerged as a solo songwriter, releasing his work under his own name. The guitarist released the first of two solo albums he intends to issue in 2021. Entering Heaven Alive is coming out in July, while Fear Of The Dawn came out in April, to some acclaim. In their review, Far Out called Fear Of The Dawn “a masterpiece of economy”.